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Hot gear / healthy goods

Hot gear / healthy goods

Rise Brewing Co. Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Oat Milk Latte

We’re obsessed with oat milk at alive HQ, so we’re swooning over this chilly oat milk latte in a can. It’s gently sweetened. It’s organic. It’s delish. The nitrogen gives it an extra-creamy mouthfeel and makes a satisfying pop when you crack open a can. We’re not alone in our love for this afternoon pick-me-up: It won Best New Organic Beverage at the Natural Products Expo East 2018 NEXTY Awards. @risebrewingco;

Mirror interactive home gym

This full-length mirror is no ordinary reflective surface. Turn it on, and bam! You’re in a fitness studio. A hologram-ish fitness instructor pops up, and you can also see yourself (and perfect your form) while you work out. Stream a live class—where you’ll get real-time tips and shout-outs—or pick from a range of on-demand workouts, from boxing to barre. The accompanying Bluetooth heart rate monitor lets you see exactly how hard you’re working. There’s even a personal training option in the works! @getthemirror;

Sushi Quinoa

This quinoa is stickier than other types of quinoa. It’s even stickier than typical white sushi rice! That makes it perfect for sushi—especially vegan sushi rolls, which are often lacking in protein. Quinoa is a complete protein … so problem solved! Chefs are also loving Sushi Quinoa for its slightly smoky taste. Ready to level up your avocado rolls? @sushiquinoa;

Guppyfriend Washing Bag

Washing clothing made from synthetic fibers releases microplastic into the water supply—including our drinking water. Enter the Guppyfriend Washing Bag. Washing clothes in this special mesh bag keeps microfibers from entering waterways, and it also keeps clothes lasting longer. The folks at tentree are big fans, and so are we! @stopmicrowaste;

Pela Case

Pela phone cases are completely compostable (yes, right in your backyard). They’re made of a flax-based alternative to plastic called “Flaxstic” (cute, right?) and don’t contain scary stuff like BPA. Plus, the flax gives the cases a rather fetching flecked appearance. Pela donates one percent of its sales to worthy—and usually water-focused—environmental nonprofits. Did we mention Pela also makes a zero-waste liquid screen protector? Pela-ease—sign us up! @pelacase;

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