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His, her & our health

His, her & our health

Welcome to an issue of alive that will build up your health as an individual and your strength as a partner, should that be part of your identity.
Our feature is on Chef Charity Morgan and her her pro football-playing husband, Derrick Morgan, who just wrapped his ninth season with the Tennessee Titans. Charity, a classically trained chef (and vegan convert), prepares performance-enhancing plant-based meals for Derrick and a number of his teammates—and this arguably led them to their best season in years. Derrick and Charity’s partnership has stuck with me since I met them in 2018 at a screening of The Game Changers, a James Cameron-produced documentary that focuses on high-performing vegan athletes. The Morgans have a big role in the film—and in this issue of alive.
We also chat with plant-based professional dancers Liz LeGrande and Flo Master. I met Liz and Flo on Usher’s OMG Tour in 2010. Both have performed all over the world and are among the most diligent and proficient athletes I’ve ever met. They’re still firing at their peak; we find out how.
In the performance section, we explore how men and women often experience health concerns differently. In the food section, we focus on matcha, revered for its focus-enhancing phytonutrients and naturally occurring caffeine, and on thoughtful dishes from Kimberly Parsons (aka The Yoga Chef). Finally, we bring you part II of our two-part series on CBD and hemp oil. In this installment, we take a deep dive into the endocannabinoid system, the master regulator of the body, and the hemp plant’s effects on it.
Our Innovation Spotlight shines a light on tentree, the rapidly growing clothing line that plants 10 trees for every piece of clothing bought. Check out @tentree on Instagram for stunning photos taken in iconic wilderness areas. You just might get inspired to go adventuring with your special someone this summer.
To your holistic health,

Brendan Brazier

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