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Update on Canada's New Anti-Spam Laws

Update on Canada\'s New Anti-Spam Laws

You might have heard that Canada has new anti-spam laws. We’d like to take a few moments to explain how alive handles our mailing lists.

You’ve likely heard that effective July 1 Canada has new anti-spam laws, called the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (or CASL).
If you’re like the majority of us, you’ve received countless emails from businesses and organizations asking for your express consent to remain on their mailing lists. We understand that this can be both annoying and confusing! That’s why we’d like to take a few moments to explain how alive handles our own mailing lists, the privacy of our eNewsletter subscribers, and what this means to you.
Why didn’t I get an email from alive asking for consent?
Only a very small fraction of our eNewsletter subscribers received an email asking for express consent. That’s because just a handful of people (fewer than 100) were entered into our system manually after emailing or calling us about our weekly newsletter. The rest of our mailing list is entirely opt-in and has always followed best practices that mirror the spirit and the intent of the new CASL.
All of our subscribers opt in through our website or other electronic materials, and can opt out at any time. Therefore, we’ve always complied with the CASL on its most fundamental points.
What if I want to unsubscribe or update my info?
You can always unsubscribe or update your subscription preferences at any time, by clicking on the links in the email footer below. This has always been the case, and it will continue to be the case.
If you follow the links in the footer, you can opt in to (or out of) our Product Partner Promotions, which allow us to send you special deals, coupons, samples, and other materials of interest from some of our biggest advertisers—and hey, who doesn’t love free stuff?
How does alive protect my privacy?
We pledge to fully meet and, where possible, exceed internationally recognized standards of personal data privacy protection. In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality. Please feel free to read our Privacy Policy.
What if I have questions?
At the bottom of our emails, you can find our mailing address. You’ll also find our eNewsletter’s email address: At any time, please feel free to send us an email at this address and we’ll get back to you.
We care about our readers, and we value their privacy and consent—always have, and always will!



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