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Relax and Unwind: 10 Simple Hobby Ideas for Women

10 Hobby Ideas for Women | If you're trying to get into a new hobby at home, we're sharing 5 indoor hobbies and 5 outdoor hobbies to consider. From DIY art projects, like knitting, drawing, painting, and making crafts, to finding ways to make money online, to budget-friendly ways to improve your social life, these simple and creative ideas will give you the inspiration you need to find a way to reduce stress and decompress in the evenings and on weekends.

Are your days filled with work, your kids and obligations? As much as you love your life, we can all admit that our day to day gets overwhelming at times. Having a hobby that helps you relax and unwind is so important and beneficial to your health. Hobbies are fun and enjoyable, allowing you to take time out of your busy schedule and do something for you. If you’ve been thinking about starting a hobby, check out these 10 hobby ideas for women!

3 Health Benefits of Having a Hobby

1. Reduces Stress
Having a hobby ensures you don’t spend every second of your time working or taking care of your kids. It ensures you focus on yourself, not just others. Having a hobby is a great outlet for relieving stress, providing something else for your mind to focus on other than your daily stressors. It gives you the opportunity to take a break from your busy life, while still having fun and being productive. And rather than taking a break by watching TV, a hobby gives you purpose!

2. Connects You with Others
There are solo hobbies and group hobbies, but even if you take part in a solo hobby such as knitting or illustrating, it still gives you the opportunity to connect with others who find the same thing enjoyable as you do. You can connect with people online and offline about your shared passion, making you feel like you’re a part of something. On the other hand, if you opt for a group hobby such as dance classes or softball, you get to connect with others every time you go!

3. Physical and Psychological Health Benefits
Having a hobby is shown to have multiple physical health benefits, such as lower cortisol, total cortisol, waist circumference, and body max index. Engaging in enjoyable activities also lifts people’s moods and leads to lower levels of anxiety and depression. Hobbies boost your positive psychological state, making you feel better all around!

How to Find a Hobby You Love

Consider What You Like to do for Fun
There are many things people like to do for fun that can be turned into hobbies. Do you like to eat and try out new restaurants? Why not take up a cooking class? Do you love watching sports? Try enrolling in a softball league. If you have a strong love for music, you can take singing classes or learn to play an instrument. If you could spend days exploring art galleries, try your hand at painting or drawing. You’re already doing things you love, so see if you can turn one of those things into a hobby.

Look to Your Childhood Interests
Just because you loved to do something when you were a kid, doesn’t make it childish. Although our interests change over the years, there’s likely something you’re still passionate about that you did when you were younger. Were you a competitive dancer? You could join an adult dance class. Did you love getting dressed up and putting on shows for your family? Check out your local acting classes. Revisiting hobbies you enjoyed when you were a kid could spark a new interest now.

5 Indoor Hobby Ideas for Women

1. Dancing
Dance is an amazing hobby, because not only does it keep you physically active, it also keeps your mind sharp. Dancing improves your brain function and boosts memory, so it’s a great hobby, especially as you get older. It’s also a group hobby, allowing you to connect with others who share the same passion.

2. Cooking/Baking
If you love food, why not try your hand in the kitchen? Cooking and baking allow you to get creative and make recipes that you and your family will adore. Start off with other people’s recipes and once you get more comfortable with measurements and flavours, you can start creating your own!

3. Start a Blog
Always wanted to start a blog? Now is the time! Writing allows you to be creative and get your thoughts down, which can be a huge stress reliever. Starting a blog will help you become a better writer, allow you to express yourself, and also help others.

4. Knitting
Knitting is great for your mental health, helping you cope with stress and even depression. It also gives you something tangible to hold and see come together, which many knitters enjoy. It’s soothing and satisfying and is actually quite easy to learn!

5. Art
Whether it’s painting, sketching or drawing, art is an amazing hobby. It’s a great way to improve your creative skills and start thinking in a different way. It encourages open-ended thinking and helps develop different areas of your brain. It also promotes rest and relaxation, helping you destress from your busy life!

5 Outdoor Hobby Ideas for Women

1. Biking
Not only is biking great exercise, it also allows you to enjoy nature and fresh air. Biking is less impactful on your joints than running is, but it will keep you in amazing shape. If you’re not comfortable biking on city streets, look up biking trails you can try! It’s an easy hobby to enjoy with others or on your own.

2. Gardening
Gardening is so satisfying, and it’s also great for your health. It’s a fun and relaxing way to get in touch with nature, grow your own food, and create a beautiful landscape for your home. Plus, being outside in fresh air and sunshine boosts your mood and helps you decompress!

3. Join a Sports League
Love sports? Join a sports league! Whether it’s softball, volleyball, soccer or ultimate frisbee, joining a sports league keeps you active and unites you with others!

4. Camping
Whether you enjoy it with friends, family or solo, camping is an excellent way to occupy your free time. It takes you away from technology and everyday stressors, boosting satisfaction, reducing stress and improving physical and emotional wellbeing.

5. Horseback Riding
Horseback riding can be very relaxing, not to mention it’s great for your body, strengthening your core and engaging key muscles. Horseback riding can boost your serotonin, as do many activities that involve interaction with animals! You get to enjoy nature and leave your worries behind!

Hobbies are a great way to relax and unwind. Try out one of these hobby ideas to enhance your mental health!



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