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Family dinner conversations typically centre on what each person did that day, and the Delcea family is no different. For them, Provita Nutrition and Health, the family-owned business that Lucian and Alex Delcea manage and operate is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week labour of love. No wonder they talk about little else!

Humble beginnings

Provita Advanced Therapeutic Solutions was founded in 2005 by Romanian-born Lucian-Bogdan Delcea, PhD in physics. With so many family members plagued by health problems, Dr. Delcea vowed to find a way to ease their pain and symptoms by developing natural health supplements. “You could say that our company was born out of love, love for our family,” says son Alex.

While Provita serves the North American and Asian markets, the family’s other brand, Konig Laboratorium, is geared toward the European customer. Custom formulations are interchangeable between both lines; only the labels are different.

So why the two? It comes down to perception. “In Europe, customers are looking for ways to heal health conditions they may be suffering from, while in North America, people tend to take natural health products to maintain their health,” says Dr. Delcea.

Initial offerings

Liver Hepato-Protect was one of the first products developed with family members in mind, followed by Kardio Flow, a synergistic combination of ingredients targeting cardiovascular health and, in particular, on arterial plaque.

At first, Dr. Delcea’s focus was on the European market, but as he began to formulate and manufacture supplements at his plant in Port Coquitlam, BC, it made sense to offer them to Canadians as well, since the Natural Product Numbers required by Health Canada were already in place.

Standing out in the crowd

Provita prides itself on being unique. The company’s newest product, Endothione, promotes glutathione production in the gut. Typically, glutathione in supplemental form is very poorly absorbed and utilized by the body.

Through extensive research and working with top naturopathic doctors in Europe, Provita developed a supplement that prompts the body to make its own glutathione—a very progressive way to help the body detoxify, build the immune system, and promote liver function on its own accord. It’s this type of approach to natural medicine that is helping Provita achieve success in North America and beyond.

A sense of pride

Not only are the Delceas proud of the company they’ve built, but they’re also proud that their products have helped so many people. “We want our customers to know that we are here, that we are all family, and that they are welcomed with open arms,” says Alex.

With more than 82 products in its extensive line covering everything from anti-inflammatories to cognitive, digestive, heart, and immunity issues, Provita provides supplements to address practically every common health concern.

Instead of passing the butter at a Delcea family dinner, a bottle of Digestive Enzymes Complex is likely to be passed around instead. That’s how you know you’re in the company of a loving family.



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