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From the Editor: Fall 2017

From the Editor: Fall 2017

Welcome to alive magazine: your source for next-level health hacks, whole-food recipes and everything else you need to build your best life.

Without a doubt, fall is my favorite season. The summer heat recedes, resulting in the perfect running temperature. Plus, some of my absolute favorite foods come into season: crisp apples, sweet figs, tart pomegranates, hearty kale and all varieties of squash.
In alive magazine\’s Fall 2017 issue, we talk with my friend Erin Ireland. She’s a baker, chef, entrepreneur and now a new mom who’s raising her baby entirely on a plant-based diet. I was curious about her thoughts on raising a vegan baby, which she discusses here. Plus, because it’s fall, Erin shares some of her top seasonal recipes with us.
We also profile one of my favorite restaurants: Double Zero, a pizzeria in New York City. A Matthew Kenney creation, Double Zero gets its name from the type of finely ground heirloom flour they use to construct the pizza crust. Sometimes called “00” flour, it’s light, naturally low in gluten and packed with flavor, and it digests remarkably easily. The last time I was at Double Zero, I ate two full pizzas by myself. It was that good.
While I raced triathlons for many years, I had never done a cycling-specific event. That ended last fall when I entered my first gran fondo bike ride, thanks to former pro cyclist Phil Gaimon. Phil puts on an incredibly fun (and hilly) event in Malibu each year called Phil’s Cookie Fondo. (Phil really likes cookies, and yes, he offers vegan cookie options.)
Phil and I met a few years ago when he was riding for a pro team, and I was helping them with recovery-speeding nutritional suggestions. In this issue, Phil discusses his life, his new book and his departure from pro cycling—which, it turns out, is the worst retirement ever.
Hope you’re enjoying running through auburn forests and eating Honeycrisp apples as much as I am!

Brendan Brazier

PHOTO BY Rob Campbell



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