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Doing It Anyway

Doing It Anyway

The queen of vegan fashion, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, is sharing how she gets sh!t done.

Everyone feels paralyzed, unproductive or uninspired sometimes. Here are a few things that help when I need to get things done—even when I’m not so sure that I can.

Take care of yourself first.

You might be trying to do everything, so learn what optimization is and isn’t. It isn’t using up a resource until there’s nothing left; it’s figuring out how that resource can be used most sustainably. You have one body. If you learn how it works optimally, you can produce the most work, art and good.

Understand that this means taking care of your body—not running it into the ground until you have no energy left, as we entrepreneurs love to do. We often think we’re an endless resource—so if we hire ourselves, we’ve found free labor forever. But the more I’ve treated myself that way, the more my brain puts up a protest and refuses to work.

Instead, figure out how you create best—when and where you’re most productive, how much sleep you need, which foods fuel you, what exercise makes you feel amazing—and you’ll be able to create more. It’ll also take you a lot less time, and then, hey, you’ll have more time to live a life that inspires you. And then life might just get pretty great.

Do it for the sake of doing it.

Forget optimal results. Forget the potential grand outcome that’s bigger than you. Just do your job for the pure joy of doing it—this part of the process, this stage you’re in. Creating a style from concept to production is fun for me. It’s when I feel the most alive. And the more I do it for the sake of doing it, the better I get at it.

Look at other experts’ journeys.

This may be unchartered territory to you but not to someone else. When I feel paralyzed, it’s usually because I forget that I—or anyone—can do this. I put too much importance on this current challenge, which feels like it will be unresolved forever. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a map created by other experts, to confirm how long this challenge will hurt?

The solution at this point is to pause and (Mom, you’ll be proud) read. I read the stories of everyone and anyone who’s achieved a goal like mine, and I figure out what leg of the journey I’m on. Once I can see the map’s outline, I can focus on taking action and moving forward while getting stronger along the way.



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