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Let’s Rediscover Why We’re Friends

Let’s Rediscover Why We’re Friends

Take a moment to celebrate the important people in your life with the International Day of Friendship.

It’s coming up to the International Day of Friendship. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate friendships old and new.
Build community
Fostering connections with the people around you can help to build a sense of home and belonging. Try getting involved with community gardens, setting out some lawn chairs and games in a public space to encourage people to stop and chat, or setting up a sidewalk library. Read more on building community and creating public spaces here.
Make a date
Choose a friend and make a date with them for some quality one-on-one time. Spouses, children, and even pets are all wonderful additions to our lives, but chances are they weren’t there when you first connected with your friend. Take International Day of Friendship to rediscover why you became friends to begin with.
Make the effort
It’s easy to sit around and wait for the invites to roll in, but not so easy to be the instigator! Vow to make a change on International Day of Friendship. You could organize a potluck dinner, plan days out, or check local postings for fun events in your area.
What are your favourite things to do with friends? Tweet us and let us know! @aliveHealth #InternationalDayofFriendship

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