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Every Parent's Dream

Every Parent\'s Dream

The brain is the body\’s hungriest organ. Ensure your children get the nutrients they need by fuelling their bodies with brain food.

As a teenager, I was overweight and slow. I had allergies and did poorly at school. Fast forward… today I have a great life; I’m a medical doctor, author, and proud parent. I decided to take control of my life and seek new, natural ways to get healthy.

Now one of my primary concerns, and greatest joys, is ensuring that my children reach their full potential with excellent health and high self-esteem. Frankly, one of the most important ingredients in reaching this goal is good nutrition.

Brain Food

Which came first? The tired child or the fat child? My research into obesity, appetite, and child behaviour has taught me that both quality and quantity of nutrition determine whether a child is tired and slow, or bright and quick.

The brain is the body’s hungriest organ. At the same time, a child’s body demands plenty of fuel to grow, develop, and stay active. If the quality of a child’s food is poor, more food won’t give them the energy they need; it will just make them fat.

Poor food choices, nutrient deficiencies, and food sensitivities or allergies can make a child appear and feel stupid. Their brains and bodies just aren’t getting the real fuel they need.

Feeding Your Child for Optimum Health

A well-balanced, whole food diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables is the foundation for a healthy child (or adult). Watch for reactions to foods, and have your child checked for sensitivities and allergies.

Increase intake of these nutrients to support metabolism, brain health, attention, and mood:

Protein Lean, low allergy potential protein provides lasting energy and key amino acids. Golden pea protein has an excellent track record and lactose-free, low-carb whey protein isolate is another protein option.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Studies have proven that omega-3 fatty acids improve learning and enhance alertness and mood. A DHA-rich, fish oil with evening primrose and antioxidants, vitamin E, and thyme oil can be added to smoothies for a real brain boost.

Vitamins and Minerals Prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies with more fresh organic fruits and vegetables and a well-formulated multivitamin/multimineral that your child will take every day.

Soluble Fibre The right kind and amount of dietary fibre can help change an overweight, pre-diabetic child into a healthy, energetic youngster. Add fibre for heart health, weight control, and blood sugar management.

Realize your dream of a happy, healthy child, and help your child enjoy life to the fullest. Naturally.



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