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4 Ways to Skip the Mall this Holiday Season

4 Ways to Skip the Mall this Holiday Season

Skip the mall (yes, it’s possible!) this holiday by gift giving in four unique ways. Read on to learn how.

Whoever first sang “‘Tis the season to be jolly” surely didn’t have holiday shopping in mind. Dashing from store to store trying to find the perfect gift doesn’t exactly capture the traditional warmth and comfort of holiday spirit. Thankfully, we’re offering four ways to bypass the mall while still warming loved ones’ hearts.

1. First things first: give less

Yes, really! Giving fewer, but more meaningful gifts is the way to go. Plus, you’ll help reduce packaging and be more eco-friendly. Consider these ideas:

  • Give an experience, like tickets to a show or concert or a gift card to a spa or restaurant.
  • Give an air-purifying holiday houseplant—with a cute print-out tag!
  • Make a donation in the recipient’s name, or give a symbolic gift from a charity, such as a wildlife adoption.

2. Get cooking!

Are you a foodie? Why not whip up delicious gifts in the comfort of your own kitchen? After all, everyone loves to eat! Try out these articles for inspiration and recipes:

  • “Love Bites”
  • “Edible Christmas Gifts”
  • “Delicious DIY Gifts for Everyone and Every Occasion”

Some of our favourites include Deep Chocolate, Dried Blueberry, and Pistachio Bark, Roasted Garlic Hot Sauce, Sweet and Spicy Nuts, and Chocolate-Covered Popcorn Cups.

3. Pay it forward

The holidays are also a time to think of those less fortunate and to lend a helping hand.

  • Reach out to loved ones who are caring for someone with an illness or disability. How can you make their season brighter?
  • Volunteer at a local organization. It’ll give you an ultimate boost of holiday spirit!
  • Give to a local food bank.

4. Shop at a health food store

For that perfect holiday gift, you can’t go wrong with doing a one-stop shop at a health food store. Need a little help? Use our gift guides from 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010.



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