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#2013alive: What Do Our Communities Offer?

#2013alive: What Do Our Communities Offer?

We’re half way through week 1, so it’s time to check in with alive’s staff and ask them how they learn about the many events hosted by their communities.

This week, we’re getting in touch with our communities by exploring the many ways that they tell us about upcoming events, meetups, summer parties, celebrations, classes … the list just keeps going! So, how does the staff here at alive keep track of all these activities?

Leah Payne, Editor, says: “I find that, often, events and organizations are right under our noses—if we know where to look. I’ve discovered amazing community initiatives from word of mouth (speaking to friends, family, and shopkeepers), as well as from bulletin boards in community coffee shops or stores. More often than not, I’ve found that people who are active in the community support other people who are active in the community, so a local café I visit may support and promote a community poetry group by hosting a poetry reading, for instance.”

Colleen Grant, Editor, says: “My family loves playing Contract Bridge, but we lost our fourth player when my brother moved away. Looking in our community newsletter, we noticed that our local recreation centre hosts a Bridge-playing night for seniors on Thursdays. We go once or twice a month, and it’s actually quite fun! The seniors are card sharks though—I have yet to win more than a few games in a night. Maybe someday!”

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Are there any community events or meet ups that have spiked your interest? Leave us a picture on Twitter (remember to use the #2013alive hashtag), or tell us about your experience by leaving us a blog post or Facebook comment.

And, if you want to start planning ahead for next week, give yourself a boost by downloading our August goal sheet!



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